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Transforming the way Enterprises invest internally.

Discover how GenDeep’s AI powered decision engine boosts greater ROii* from your initiatives, programs, and projects.

52% of all Enterprise projects fail. GenDeep ensures you’re on the 48% side.

The GenDeep platform transforms the way enterprises source, invest, and measure their internal investments. Our unique AI powered decision engine generates actionable insights during ideation, execution, and post-completion.

AI Platform for Internal Investments

We are reimagining what Enterprises can do with their data.
Enterprises are submerging in a data tsunami. The ways of the past are ineffective in dealing with today’s data first world. GenDeep is the simpler, intelligent new way.


GenDeep’s AI powered decision engine enables enterprises to make exponentially superior decisions that deliver greater Roii

We do this by providing collective insights from every data point of an investment and its outcome captured in real-time, from all participants on our platform.

Our Quest

We are on a quest to empower all business leaders to make decisions with absolute clarity - based on the past and present, for a better future.


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Giri Devanur
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Head of Product
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